Exploring Culinary Delights in Belgium

Breakfast in Brussels

  • Leopold Café Presse, Etterbeek: Discover a cozy morning sanctuary perfect for lazy brunches or spontaneous meetups. At Leopold Café Presse, savor their invigorating mint tea and indulge in their signature toast omelette amidst a vibrant atmosphere and eclectic beer selection.

    Tried and loved: Mint tea with toast & omelette 🍵🍳

  • Paul, Etterbeek: Immerse yourself in authentic French bakery delights at Paul. Known for its impeccable quality and freshly baked goods, Paul offers a delightful array of pastries, bread, and coffee. Don’t miss their perfectly flaky croissants prepared fresh every morning.

    ☕ Great coffee and fresh croissants 🥐

  • Brunch Corner, Schaerbeek: Embark on a culinary journey at Brunch Corner in Schaerbeek, a hidden gem offering a delightful Turkish breakfast/brunch experience with a wide array of vegetarian options. From savory böreks to fluffy borek, indulge in the vibrant flavors of Turkish cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Cuisine: Turkish

  • La Fabrique, Brussels: Nestled in a scenic park in Brussels’ city center, La Fabrique offers a charming ambiance but may suffer from disorganized seating despite reservations. Despite this, it delights with a diverse menu featuring vegetarian and vegan options. However, portion sizes may leave diners wanting more. Despite minor setbacks, La Fabrique remains a promising culinary spot, providing a tranquil escape amidst the city’s hustle. Located in a small park 🌿

Brunch and Dinner

  • Manhattn Burgers: Indulge in amazing burgers with fries and homemade lemonade at Manhattn Burgers. Don’t miss out on trying their secret sauce with fries for a flavor-packed experience. Vegetarians will also find delight in their Brooklyn Falafel Burger.

  • La Piola Pizza: Experience authentic Italian flavors at La Piola Pizza, where each bite transports you to the streets of Naples. From classic margheritas to gourmet creations, their pizzas are a must-try for any pizza enthusiast.

  • De Masala Box: Savor the fusion of Indian and international flavors at De Masala Box, where traditional Indian wraps meet modern culinary innovation. Don’t miss their tantalizing Indian fusion wraps bursting with spices and flavors.

  • Nona Pizza: Treat yourself to the taste of Italy at Nona Pizza, where artisanal pizzas are crafted with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. From classic favorites to creative combinations, there’s a pizza for every palate at Nona Pizza.

  • Al Baccio Pizzeria: Dive into a slice of Italy at Al Baccio Pizzeria, where authentic Neapolitan pizzas are served with a smile. With a focus on quality ingredients and traditional recipes, each bite is a taste of Italy’s culinary heritage.

  • Saravana Bhawan: Embark on a gastronomic journey to South India at Saravana Bhawan, renowned for its authentic vegetarian cuisine and traditional flavors. From dosas to idlis, every dish is a celebration of South Indian culinary excellence.

  • King of Shawarma Saint Josse Ten Noode: Indulge in the rich flavors of Syrian cuisine at King of Shawarma Saint Josse Ten Noode, where succulent shawarmas and flavorful falafels are served with warm hospitality. Each bite is a taste of Middle Eastern tradition and hospitality.

  • You Wok: Dive into a world of noodles and rice at You Wok, where fresh ingredients and bold flavors come together to create mouthwatering Asian-inspired dishes. Whether you crave spicy noodles or fragrant rice, You Wok has something to satisfy every craving.

24/7 Emergency Food

  • Esso Gas Station: Need a quick bite on the go? Head to Esso Gas Station for 24/7 convenience and a variety of food options to fuel your journey. From sandwiches to pizza and pasta, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your hunger, anytime, anywhere.

Best Snack Place

  • Snack Tomberg: For the best snacks in town, look no further than Snack Tomberg. Whether you’re craving crispy fries, savory sandwiches, or indulgent burgers, Snack Tomberg has something to satisfy.